November 2013 Earnings Report

Written by admin on December 15, 2013

November marked the loss of my top positions on the search engines for my second site. Without the high volume sales of low-dollar items like I typically get in October-December overall earnings are suffering. I’ve managed to capture an additional $20-30/mo by putting an adsense block into the top right position on my sidebar on my primary site without affecting sales or Amazon CTR (YMMV).

My new strategy based on a new course I’ve purchased is to focus on a handful

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October 2013 Earnings Report

Written by admin on November 3, 2013

October started off with a bang and then the site that was producing most of the sales volume lost it’s #1 position and dropped down to #6 effectively killing the traffic. During the last few days of the month traffic came back and I’m off to a good start for the month. The high conversion is due to a seasonal product that has sold very well during the fall months now for more than two years.

My goal with the last

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September 2013 Earnings Report

Written by admin on October 1, 2013

Each year one of my sites sells a much higher volume of items than usual during September and October. These are really the only two months that it makes significant sales whereas the rest of the year it makes $10-15/mo. I don’t mind the low earnings usually as it’s a very low-priced product that I’m promoting to increase the commissions that I receive from my other sites.

The earnings for this month came from two sites. A few of my others

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Can You Use Free Sites To Make Money Online?

Written by Jeff on September 27, 2013

I have seen this question asked a few times in various forums. Can you successfully use free websites such as Blogger or content marketing sites such as Squidoo or Hubpages to make money online. Well the answer to the question is a definite yes, you can make money from free sites, but it isnt easy.

Of course the question is usually asked by people that are new to the Internet Marketing world, and are still at the stage of reading everything

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WordPress Security Update Released Yesterday – v3.6.1

Written by admin on September 12, 2013

If you’re using WordPress for your sites which is highly likely you’ll want to update to the 3.6.1 release which includes some security fixes for issues that could be problematic especially if you’re running a multi-author site.

WordPress tip for niche site owners running version 3.6

Written by admin on September 10, 2013

I just read about a problem with WordPress post revisions on their Trac system that you may want to take measure to address if you are running on 3.6 and make a lot of revisions to your posts. The issue is that if you have a huge number of revisions you can eventually hit a limit that will break the ability to save posts. Granted, it took the bug reporter 1000+ revisions to hit this limit but it also brings

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Extreme Review from Erica Stone and New Project

Written by admin on September 3, 2013

I just bought Extreme Review from Erica Stone last night to use as my first case study here on HTBBA. I’ll be going through her system and building a site 100% based on her guide. Then I’ll evaluate how it stacks up to the system I used on my biggest earning site.

From my initial read through the guide the key things that are worth the price are the method for brainstorming and validating niches and then the way that she

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